Super Mario Bros. 2 in 3D

Eye've ALWAYS been in LOVE with the old Super Mario Bros. 2 game.. When Eye started learning how to do OpenGL, eye just ended up doing a 3D Version of it. Eye COULD just make my OWN game so eye could, someday, make $money$ off of it, butt it's too fun to make a game with Mario 2 graphix.

I think that other mario fans are ALSO enjoying all of this Mario 2 buisness, even though they ARE wanting a different Mario game made 3D-style, or another GAME made 3D-style. When this project is FURTHER into it's developement, then people will be able to change the game (EASILY) into HOWEVER (pretty much) they want! You can already change thee Graphix of Super Mario Bros. 2_3D, just by changing the BMPs that the game uses. You can also change the world.dat to add/move things around, even though the wall barriers are thee same. You know.

So, eye've got the Graphix down, it's EZ to add new graphix. It's EZ to create a NEW world, and add onto what eye ALEADY have. Eye ALMOST have the music down, you just can't move when it's playing (heh heh). And Eye ALMOST have the model loading down, eye have a program that can load models (*.ms3d files made by MilkShake 3D) If you are reading this and you have some Mario2-Style Models you made with MilkShake 3D, then PLEASE send them to: BrandonKoopa@HotMail.Com.

Eye've got an intro screen to thee game, butt it's not that good at ALL right now -- so eye didn't use it in any versions yet. Once eye have the model-loading down, then eye'm sure it'll become an AWESOME Intro Screen! Heehee!

Eye HAVE put this E-Mail in that eye got:
SM2 3D is lookin damn good so far.  When it is completed its gonna make
nintendo shit their pants, wishing they thought of it first : )

great job and good luck man.
That made me feel SO good. It also got me VERY motivated (even though eye was already modivated).

Alright, that's all 4 now... eye'm sure eye'll B adding more on later.