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OK, Some friends and Eye have been doing some testing for "Hyrulian Adventures". It's alright, butt there are some things eye need 2 fix... then eye'll release the test/beta version 4 all of you ZELDA fans to get on, find bugs, give ideas for the game, and chat about whatever you want.

Eye'm back! Mwah ah ah!!! Ya know... eye'm not sure if anybody even comes to this page anymore, because there hasn't been any updates lately. Well, people are gunna HAVE to be checking by NOW. Okay, after a LOOOONG break from programming I started another project 2 days go. And it still has to do with online gaming. This time it's ZELDA-Related instes of Mario2 Related. Eye have somebody for the HOST (for everybody to connect to), not eye just gotta polish things up before eye post the beta version. Here are some a pix from:

To answer EVERYBODY'S question before hand... NO! - This isn't like GRAAL ! - haha!


Well, sorry that it took so long 2 get this 1st release of Mario2_Online! Eye'm always "getting help" from major slackers! Eye had 2 learn Winsock (to do Online stuff) so eye can get this game going. Eye haven't been able 2 work on it 4 a week because eye've been moving, butt eye'll have a chance 2 start back this week, so it'll B cool. This release of mario2_online go a little buggy sence eye've last work on it - heehee. Meta Knyght was supposed to fix it up and get it ready for 2day because of my moving and stuff, butt again... what did eye say about slackers? Ha ha! Sorry, eye got my started with Winsock, so it's cool. Keep checkin' back, cuz you'll B seeing cooler versions of Mario2_Online (Nintendo Land) as it grows and grows!

Connect to the server: M2O_Server.Exe
Main Program: Mario2_Online (Tester)

5/03 BrandonKoopa@HotMail.Com

Well, suprize!!! A "news" update! The real suprize is coming realy soon though! Eye got sick of waiting around on people to help with networking with the Mario2_Online game, so eye learned how to do Winsock (which actaully wasn't that hard) on my own. Bellow is a screenshot of what eye have so far for the game. There's a server program that all of thee other users connect to. The first release of this game will include the server program so you can play around with it with your friends (or strangers), E-Mail Me is you would like to host as the Main Server. You would have to have the game on at all times. The 1st release  date of the game is set for May 27th (my b-day), butt it might even be release before then, we'll see.